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Theatre of Heels

Villains Make the Best Heroes

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Erica Belfry always wanted to be a superhero. What she didn’t want was to drive a supervillain’s getaway car as her idol, the cybernetic Sleek, chased her while a Shakespeare-quoting bad guy fired lightning bolts at their pursuer. Life can get complicated when you try to follow your dreams.

After a botched attempt at heroics, Erica inadvertently finds herself on the wrong side of the law as a supervillain. To avoid the ensuing media frenzy, Erica adopts a new identity as Princess Crash, and partners herself with Weatherman, a crotchety thespian with storm powers. Now she’s evading super-powered attacks, her police officer brother, and the jealous wrath of her former idol, Sleek, whose superhero boyfriend Erica has a crush on. However, none of this can prepare her for the terrible secret that lurks behind the superhero world’s veil of mystery. Erica is going to learn the hard way that there isn’t any mercy for those who don’t play their parts in the Theatre of Heels.

Stories by the Fire

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Come, sit by the fire. Listen to my tales as the shadows dance and play and I weave stories of adventure, wonder, and woe. These tales could be short glimpses into the lives of unlikely heroes, or epic yarns that span many sessions. Regardless, the nights can be long and dark, but you are always welcome to join me in the light of the flames and listen. Welcome to Stories by the Fire.

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