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Sword of Defiance

SCYTHE, an honor-bound assassin with a deathly visage.

FLYING FORTRESS, a retired villain who pilots an out-of-date mech.

PETITE, a fearful young girl with super strength.

PURGATORY, a powerful sadistic energy-wielding thug.

SUBSTITUTE, a young mother and reluctant criminal telepath.

DOBERMAN, an eccentric burglar emphatically linked to his three super-powered dogs.

CALAMITY JANE, a greedy sniper with armament for every occasion.

SHATTERHEART, a necromancer serial killer with a twisted artistic flair.

EARTHMAGE, an inept bank robber who can control the earth and stone.


Drawn together by a mysterious individual known only as the Employer, these nine very different supervillains, step forward from their traditional roles as adversaries, to become complex protagonists in this fast-paced adventure. Dubbing them the Sword of Defiance the Employer coerces them on a dangerous mission. They must infiltrate the hidden base of the Zikai, a fanatical terrorist cell, and destroy their powerful weapon of mass destruction, the Revelations Cannon.


Together the team faces formidable heroes, dynamic villains, ruthless killers, and their own darker natures. All the while, the members of the Sword of Defiance serve as unwitting pawns for a nefarious plot that could lead to the ultimate destruction of all they know and love.


Humanity will soon tremble because the fate of the world has been placed in the hands of murderers and thieves.

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