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About the Author

Superheroes saved my life. Born and raised outside the swamps of Florida, I was a kid with more imagination than sense. I was unsure where to focus this boundless energy until I read my first comic book, Fantastic Four #203. After that I was hooked I cracked open every comic I could find. Eventually, I progressed to reading the literary works of Tolkien, Jordan, King and Crichton. I still never lost my love for comic book heroes, because it was their stories that showed me the larger world beyond my own, where even the humblest of heroes could make a difference.

In many ways, these stories were the inspiration for me to become a paramedic. I spent years on the front lines of a myriad emergencies trying to make the world a better place. Fourteen years later, with a head full stories, and a heart full of unhealthy coping mechanisms, I decided to leave that world for a new path as a writer.

To date, I have independently published four books. My second novel, Saving the Dead, channeled my emergency medicine experience into a unique spin of the zombie apocalypse.  My last book, The Adventure of Joy, was children’s illustrated book that was inspired by my daughter Evaline. It was a collaboration with the talented artist  


These days, when I’m not frantically penning my next manuscript, you can find me spending time with my lovely wife and three wonderful kids, or reading the occasional comic. Truthfully I still have more imagination than sense.

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