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The Adventure of Joy

My Illustrated Children's Book the Adventure of Joy is finally here.

Follow the story of a playful little girl as she steps out the front door of the dollhouse she live in and explores the mysterious dark word beyond. The artist Samantha Jean beautifully illustrated the muted darkness and vibrant light and captures our little girl's wonder beautifully.

Sword of Defiance

Please take a look of my third book Sword of Defiance

SCYTHE, an honor-bound assassin with a deathly visage.

FLYING FORTRESS, a retired villain who pilots an out-of-date mech.

PETITE, a fearful young girl with super strength.

PURGATORY, a powerful sadistic energy-wielding thug.

SUBSTITUE, a young mother and reluctant criminal telepath.

DOBERMAN, an eccentric burglar empathically linked to his three super-powered dogs.

CALAMITY JANE, greedy sniper with armament for every occasion.

SHATTERHEART, a necromancer serial killer with a twisted artistic flair.

EARTHMAGE, an inept bank robber who can control the earth elements.


Drawn together by a mysterious individual known only as the Employer, these nine very different supervillains, step forward from their traditional roles as adversaries, to become complex protagonists in this fast paced adventure. Dubbing them the Sword of Defiance the Employer coerces them on a dangerous mission. They must infiltrate the hidden base of the Zikai, a fanatical terrorist cell and destroy their powerful weapon of mass destruction, the Revelations Cannon.


Together the team faces formidable heroes, dynamic villains, ruthless killers, and their own darker natures. All the while, the members of the Sword of Defiance serve as unwitting pawns for a nefarious plot that could lead to ultimate destruction of all they know and love.


Humanity will soon tremble, because the fate of the world has been placed in the hands of murderers and thieves.

Saving the Dead

August 15, 2015 

My second book about an EMS crew whose patient's become zombies after death.

Here's an exerpt from the back of the back  of the book.  Feel free to read a sample chapter by clicking the image beside this.

Veteran paramedic, Leonardo Ramirez, is one of the few of his contemporaries to work in the field before and after the worldwide event known as the outbreak.  In many ways life on the ambulance hasn’t changed that much in the decade since humanity reclaimed their society.  Violence is rampant, the despondent are still ignored, and the forgotten are shunned.  You would think people would treat each other better, knowing that anyone who dies rises again as a ravenous zombie.  Still they can always call ‘911’ for help.

Ramirez, with his EMT partner Sam Drifts, an unapologetic womanizer and adrenaline junkie, must indoctrinate naïve paramedic student Justin, on his first night on the street.  Call after call the crew encounters everything from frequent flyer drunks, to crazy cat ladies, an escalating gang war, and the walking (and sometimes sprinting) dead.

When death becomes this dangerous, saving lives has never been more crucial.  Still one must ask,

“How do you perform CPR on a Zombie?”

May 15, 2015

"Sometimes a person needs a story more than food to stay alive."-Barry Lopez.


Stephanie Tillman, founder of the organization Hope Raiser understands this beautiful principle. I interviewed Stephanie on Hope Raiser's unique approach to helping disaster victims in the midwest.


Please click the link within to read

Moxie Voice Interview of Christine Jurisich

January 15, 2015

It was my complete pleasure to interview Christine Jurisich about inspirational journey and the ministry she founded. Retreat, Reflect, Renew, A Sacred Journey for a More Peaceful You.


A relevant course to help participates gett in touch with yourself and the Almighty in todays hectic society.


Please clink the link within.

Debut Novel!


In this debut novel confronts any parents ultimate nightmare, a missing child!


Her five-year-old, Evan, disappeared down the slide. When Erin Dearborn checked on him she was pitched into a nightmarish realm of shadow and loss. Now lost in a dark world beyond her understanding, Erin must embarks on a quest to not only find her son, but to save his soul. To do so she must travel through a twisted world where the boundaries of death no longer exist.


As she searches her every step is stalked by creatures of shadow that are hell-bent on consuming not only her life but her sanity as well.

Kickstarter Thank you!


My Kickstarter fundraiser did not pan out quite the way I wanted.  Despite our best efforts we could not raise the funds needed to succeed in our campaign.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.  


I really wanted to thank everyone of my backers for their support.  I was overwhelmed by the kind words offered by so many kind folks.  You guys rock! Thank you.


As for my fundraiser's failure, Ye I am unperturbed.  Persistents is a key trait need for any creative outlet.  Thankfully the good Lord gave me that in spades.  Samantha Nowak and I will still continue to work on our story.  We cannot wait to sahre our tale with the world at large. 


In the meantime I will continue to check the royalty market to see if we can get our book published that way.  They are a little tougher to get into but they would help with the upfront capitol needed to pay for the expenses of an illustrated book.  Otherwise I will personally pay the cost down and maybe attempt another Kickstarter. Who know maybe third times the charm.



So it begins!  I have set towards my fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Thank you for sharing in this momentous occasions

My Kickstarter to raise funds for my illustrated children's book.  The majority of the funds will go to paying artist's Samantha Nowak's commision spo that we can finish 35 fully illustrated pages.  It's last day is on October 18th. Please take the time to check it out on my link:


Thank you for your interest.



Hello and welcome to my new website.  After many years of putting the pen to the page, I believe that is now is the time to begin to share these stories with the outside world.  Instead of chasing my familly and few close friends around with, "Hey, guess what  have a new story idea."


They were polite at first, but now that they see me coming they started running away screaming. 


The truth is that every artist from wirters like myself, to painters, singers, actors, and dancers are all built with an inherit need to share our gifts with the world around.  In many ways it is a cruel fate for us to commonly share because we for the most part are a pretty sensitive lot.  At least I can speak for myslf to say that I am when it comes to my craft.


Despite our vulnerabilities we continue to step out on the stage, immerse our brush in the paint, scrawl the ink on the page.  We can't help it.  We have to share this part of ourslvs or it means we give up and lt a very important part of ourselves wither and die.


So this writer is contining to breath life into his craft.  


Soon the tales I've spun we'll come to you all. 



Chris Chancy



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