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The Joy of Our Adventure: a sneak peak at Chris and his inspiration for his book


Appearances can be deceiving, when I met a wise-cracking, adrenaline junkie, with a southern accent and a penchant for excessive flattery and occasionally ill-timed gritty humor---I thought he was a pretty shallow pond.

 When our relationship came to light at work in the Pediatric Emergency Room, I was cautioned by well-meaning colleagues. But the joke was on them. There was so much more under that swampy surface. 

Christopher Chancy is one of the most loyal, thoughtful, aspirational people I have ever come across.

Writing is his deepest dream, his passion and he is making it a reality with his family along side him.  I think his dream began with comics, action fantasies and science fiction books. Then he became a Dad and let us transform his vision.

   Our world revolves around this man who has put his family ahead of his ambitions.  However, In doing so, he has found genuine, valuable source material in the adventures and challenges of raising our three children.



Erin Keith-Chancy 



From the vantage point of a little girl, the world outside her door is limitless possibility. Can she explore it with both caution and exhillaration?  With the authentic whimsy of a daughter's easy pleasures and the timelessness of a child's fears, Adventure of Joy is a work of children's literature written to inspire its "listeners" to be brave and its "readers" to treasure the enthralling innocence of this tiny girl's world.  Captivating illustrations and a simple message of courage and hope are combined to share with families everywhere. Adventure of Joy is a work of art from a father's heart.  Copies available soon.  Contact us for more information.


Currently funding for this project's artwork and making Publishing inquiries.













Adventure of Joy

a new work of children's fiction



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