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Purchase an Autographed Copy of Saving the Dead. Signed by the writing genius (not verified) author of Saving the Dead, Christopher Chancy himself. He will continue to speak in the third person as he writes this ad, and informs you about how he will sign his John Handcock onto your copy of Saving the Dead. You can choose a personalized message or take a standard quote chosen at random by the musings of the Author "special" (ie deranged mind). Common Quotes include:


Be careful while performing CPR on a Zombie.

This book does not make good toilet paper.

The killer is right behind YOU!   


Veteran paramedic, Leonardo Ramirez, is one of the few of his contemporaries to work in the field before and after the worldwide event known as the outbreak.  In many ways life on the ambulance hasn’t changed that much in the decade since humanity reclaimed their society.  Violence is rampant, the despondent are still ignored, and the forgotten are shunned.  You would think people would treat each other better, knowing that anyone who dies rises again as a ravenous zombie.  Still they can always call ‘911’ for help.


Ramirez, with his EMT partner Sam Drifts, an unapologetic womanizer and adrenaline junkie, must indoctrinate naïve paramedic student Justin, on his first night on the street.  Call after call the crew encounters everything from frequent flyer drunks, to crazy cat ladies, an escalating gang war, and the walking (and sometimes sprinting) dead.

When death becomes this dangerous, saving lives has never been more crucial.  Still one must ask, “How do you perform CPR on a Zombie?”

Saving the Dead (Autographed Copy)

  • You will receive an Autographed Copy of Saving the Dead. This copy is great for reading on the go, snuggling up in your favorite fallout shelter as the apocalypse rages outside. 

    A paperback copy of Saving the Dead does have other uses, but they are not recommended by the author. You can use your copy as an impromptu splint, an ineffectual weapon (You're not Jason Bourne), or as gift for your zombie loving family member who has everything they want and need in their bunker.  

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